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The tunes

1. Dog Man Do Intro 2. On The Road Again 3. Kathmandu 4. Doesn't Really Matter 5. Money Money 6. Seeds 7. Frogs 8. Dog Man Do Midtro 9. Young Love 10. Love Is Dust 11. Loving You A Long Time 12. Dog Man Do Outro

Many thanks to Eric Kosarot for playing a mighty fine fiddle. Ruby Tooth's grandiloquent narration. Zac and Rio, the bicycle stunt cameramen extraordinaires!

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Playing live

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Behind the music

Rain Farmer is an alternative folk & hip hop music project. Set in the rainy Pacific Northwest with a few stops around the world.

Lyrically focused with an original mix of genres and novel topics. Laid down on old blues guitar riffs, dancy pop and gritty Seattle rock.

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